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A little “Mosquito Busters” history


In 2007, whilst living in Houston, Texas, Frank Mantel was first introduced to an automated outdoor mosquito misting system. He instantly knew that this could be a solution expanded to Europe, specifically in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean who have long been infiltrated by these tiny little pests. With a vision to rid Europe of mosquitos, Frank, now the majority shareholder of Mosquito Busters Corporation Limited, began his journey.

Automated mosquito misting systems were first introduced in America in 1999 and quickly became incorporated in the landscaping of many residential homes in the southern and eastern seaboard states. The popularity of these misting systems spread quickly due to the convenient and long-lasting ability to combat the ever-increasing mosquito nuisance. So much so that the owner of the company that produces most of America’s automated misting systems, received an award for developing a completely new business model around these installations with recurring revenues from the yearly maintenance thereof.

Also in 2007, eight years after misting systems were first commercialized, the University of Florida did a thorough research to the efficacy of these systems and the results were incredible… misting systems could in some cases deliver a reduction in the mosquito population of up to 95% in the area where a system was installed and operated.

The protocol was simple; a centralized unit releases at 3 intervals per day, for 45 seconds only, a mist in the air of a solution of water highly diluted with a tiny bit of insecticide through a circuit of tubing and nozzles carefully installed around the perimeter of the green area to needs to be protected. The timing of the cycles are set at dusk, dawn and once more at night, thus at times when the mosquitoes are most present and active and while other important insects such as bees who are fundamental for pollination, are not being found in the garden. The repetition of these cycles on a daily basis would end up resulting after 3 to 4 days in a substantial reduction of the mosquito population since the mosquito can make that area no longer it’s habitat.

Important note: other variants of misting products such as organic and biological repellants have been scientifically tested by independent agencies with no commercial relation to the manufactures of misting systems or repellent producers and have shown to be little or not effective at all.

For example, today you’ll find over forty dealers and installers of misting systems just in Houston,Texas alone. A reseller/installer of outdoor mosquito misting systems is just like any another company that installs irrigation systems, outdoor garden lighting equipment or swimming pools; busy all year long. Each dealer is expanding his own customer base every year with new installations, and thus generating more and more recurring revenues for the years thereafter with the maintenance and refills of the installed units.


Meanwhile over in Italy and surrounding Mediterranean countries, a new and even more severe mosquito variant called the “Aedes Albopictus” commonly known as the “Tiger” mosquito started thriving.

To combat them and open the European market up for the mosquito business, in September 2010 Frank set up an Italian company with the aim to import misting systems from the US and to distribute them on to the European market. Soon thereafter a spot was reserved at the annual hospitality trade show with the primary intent to create references throughout the Italian peninsula at hotels, B&B’s, outdoor restaurants, and other hospitality structures where customers would expect a luxury and a pest free experience.

The show resulted in the first 4 anti-mosquito misting systems ever to be installed in Italy in Rome, Florence, Reggio Emilia and Venice.

These premises are still using their systems today and Mantel has since created relationships that have gone beyond formal but become actual friendships with the owners and proprietors of these establishments.

After the references were created it was then time to setup a dealer network based on the American model as to where a dealer/reseller would create a fulltime business by installing and maintaining the imported system exclusively distributed by Mantels’ company. A marketing campaign to target the professionals was launched in the autumn of 2011. The campaign was so successful, that soon enough there were copy cat competitors trying to recreate the system and knowledge Mantel was offering.

However, up until 2016 only a few “die hard” resellers and installers who had attended the “Misting Business” training course that Mantel had given them in the years from 2011 to 2016 had actually managed to turn “mosquito eradication” into a full time business but as a whole it was not even close in comparison to the US. But why?


European and American cultures and business differ in many ways. In order to try to find a middle ground between the two, Mantel decided change the strategy and started-up “Mosquito Busters” in 2017 with one purpose only; developing the outdoor mosquito misting business properly by creating a network of exclusive and non-exclusive semi franchise dealers/reseller/installers. Each will operate in their own dedicated area within a radius of approximately 50 km of their home base, offering a complete “mosquito” eradicating service to both private and commercial customers with the emphasis on the “ultimate solution” the outdoor mosquito misting system. Mosquito Busters’ head office provides them with training, marketing support and supplies them with the appropriate insecticide as well as their own top of the line outdoor misting system the “MB Mozguard 21”.

A system built by professionals for professionals. As the cost of the equipment to the dealer is ultimately the driving factor behind a sale, no longer having to import the unit from the US and being able to offer our own manufactured outdoor misting system has significantly reduced the price of an installation thus allowing the “Buster” to make an easier sell and a bigger profit!

With even a Covid year in between and a few minor adjustments along the way the results are in. Our dealers are turning a healthy profit, their customers are happy with our misting systems installations and are finally getting relief from those nasty mosquitoes and are re-claiming their gardens again and our business is expanding!

Mosquito Busters currently has it’s administration in Gibraltar and operates throughout Europe with “Busters” in Spain, Italy and France.








Mosquito Busters Server Service

With our Mosquito Buster Server service, you will have complete oversight over and daily updated information of all the misting systems of your customers. You will be able to monitor how much product each unit has left, get notified when the gardener cut into your nozzle circuit and created a pressure leak and even schedule your refill dates more effectively. Contact us and find out about all the possibilities our engineers and programmers have created for our expanding dealer network with our new MB Server service.  


Mosquito Busters Wireless Control App

With the Mosquito Busters app, your customer can use his or her smartphone to access  their unit and set off an extra cycle from wherever he or she find him- or herself at that moment on our planet. As the Mosquito Buster dealer you’ll have the ability to use the MB app to monitor and control all systems that you have registered with our MB Server remotely.


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